So You Got A Pen Pal...
Now What?

We're not asking for a full-time commitment in your busy life to a needy pen pal. Send a letter about your life. Send a poem. Send a picture of a burner moment. Maybe it's a drawing or a project idea. Just keep the playa vibes moving! 

Connecting With Fire

We hope that you ran across our little project in Center Camp at Burningman, 2014.  Our project was intended to interact with burners and connect more new playa friends. We're bringing the piece back to the desert - this year at GYST Camp @ 9:00 and Freak Show! Please come see us! And we would love to hear from you! If you received a Burner Pen Pal, let us know!  We'd love pictures or stories - anything to keep the love burning year round! 

Spreading Dusty Love
In The Default World